Zous Machine and LED Inc.
1379 65th Street
Brooklyn N.Y. 11219
Store Tel: (718)234-1478
| Michael: (917)291-8771
Chinese (917)622-0113 | Chinese/English (917)622-0233

Monday-Friday 10AM - 6PM
Email: zousmachine@zousmachine.com
DCA# 1440304 1440306

Welcome to Zous Machine and LED Inc.
     Zous Machine and LED Inc. staffs are specialized in renting, selling, and repairing newest four outlet auto mahjong table, a mahjong game.

products and services:
 1. Repair and retail digital LED signs
          - led signs are also known as electric signs, storefront signs, electronic signs,
             billboard signs, or even just signs.
          - Our signs are energy efficient

 2. Repair, retail, rent, and wholesale automatic mahjong tables
          - Automatic mahjong tables are also known as electric mahjong table, auto
            shuffle mahjong table, electronic mahjong table, or even just mahjong

 3. Repair and retail LED light strips
          - Our strip lights are bundled with energy efficiency
            power supply. these power supplies are totally self-customized and
            ensuring durability towards our high brightness strips
         - Other people called this types of led strip lights rope lights, flexible led
            lights, tape lights, soft lights, led lights, and many other names.
            To ensure durability and maximum life span, we uses the most stable
            SMD5050 and SMD3528 for our main chip along with our efficiency power

 4. Retail and wholesale cell phone amplifiers
         - We now offer cell phone amplifiers for those who have weak signals or
           no signal at home, apartments, garages, decks, offices, etc.
         - This cell phone amplifier not only would help you strengthening your
           signal but also help improve your battery life. Our cell phone amplifier
           supports flexibility and portability since you can adjust and rewire where
           you wanted the signal located.