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LED Modules

We offer different Led Modules for your store front, cabinet, channel lettering, letter box, lighting box, advertising purposes, and so much more.

This module is our standard lighting solution. Each piece consumes about 0.72watts under 12v using SMD5050. Please note that each way should contain no more than 20 pieces for maximum brightness. CE and RoHS certified.

Each piece contains black self adhesive 3M for easy installation for only $1 each piece.

Additonally, we also offer 2 types of Made in Korean Modules also using SMD5050

$2 each piece with self adhesive

$2.50 each piece powered by LG Innotek with self adhesive

Lastly, we also carries the older model led modules which uses the superflex technology.

$0.60 each piece without self-adhesive